Basic Training

We have more information on the following topic under the “Crate and Confinement” category. This is a nice introduction however on potty training your new little puppy.

Potty Training a Puppy


You may have to wait for you puppy to mature a wee bit before trying this but it’s just one more teaching option….the sky’s the limit to what you can train your Cavachons by Design puppy to do!

Teach Your Dog to Stay at the Door


Our Cavachons are not known for “Puppy Mouthing” but this video seemed like a good one to add to the puppy 101 section of our blog. Sometimes, without realizing it, well intentioned puppy owners actually begin to encourage “puppy mouthing” while playing with their little friend. In this video, Victoria sheds light on how to actually discourage this behavior.

Puppy Mouthing Training Basics

Familiarizing Your Puppy to Surfaces and Heights


We are very diligent in handling our puppies and familiarizing them with our hands and getting them used to being touched. I thought these video’s were very informative as to why it is important you get a puppy from a reputable breeder as opposed to a kennel situation. Early touch and socialization is SO VERY IMPORTANT!

Familiarizing Your Puppy to Human Hands

Familiarizing Your Puppy to Touch


Victoria Stilwell makes training your puppy so much fun! In this video you will learn to teach your puppy to sit!

Teach your Puppy to Sit


This great video by Victoria Stilwell will give you tips on how to train your puppy to “Go To Bed’ on cue. Enjoy and have fun with this! Yvonne

Teach Your Puppy to Go to Bed on Cue

Teach Your Puppy To “Lie Down”

Teach Your Puppy The “Leave It” Cue

Teach Your Puppy to “Take It” and “Drop It”