Crate and Confinement

Hi folks, I wanted to make this video available on our blog even though a Cavachon by Design puppy is inclined to be VERY easy to potty train. I have many people contact me that even own other breeds of dogs, asking for help with potty training. I thought this was a great video that covered many of the “Common Mistakes” new puppy owners can make when potty training their new little one. If you know anything about me, I am ALWAYS ready to help anyone with their dog or puppy and this seemed like a great area to address. Yvonne / Cavachons by Design

House Training a Puppy – Common Mistakes


Cavachons by Design is a great endorser of “Crate” and “Confinement” training. Now, with that being said, not everyone has the room for a pen for “Confinement” training but there are ways to improvise! This video discusses “Confinement” but you will also find more tips and video’s throughout our blog on just “Crate” training. If you are home quite often, you don’t necessarily need a “Confinement” area. As with anything you do when bringing a new puppy home….use wisdom, work with what you have and be consistent… can also ask us….we are always here to help!Emoji Yvonne

Confinement Training For Puppies FAQ’s


I thought this was a great video to show what you can do if you are away for most of the day. Our Cavachons are very flexible, adaptable and content and that makes them so appealing to families that want a dog but are not always home during the day. Your “Confinement” area does not have to be large or extra tall as a Cavachon is not a big dog….or should I say puppy. Keep in mind this is for puppy training….you won’t always have to have this set up if you don’t want to. Yvonne

Crate Training and Long Term Confinement Areas


I love Victoria Stilwell and all of her “Positive House Training” tips. This is a great video on how to get a puppy used to a crate. Now, keep in mind that a Cavachon by Design puppy will already have had lot’s of crate training. This is just a neat video that will help you understand the importance of a crate and how you can get your new puppy used to his/her new crate. It won’t take long at all….they have already been training with us! One other note, I will provide our adoptive families with an example daily routine/schedule and where you can purchase a plastic puppy pen that has a nice feature of a door. It’s not too big and is really quite perfect for indoors or out. Yvonne

Positive House Training with a Crate